What is Blend Adjudication?
Blend Adjudication is a combination of commentary video adjudication and written feedback sheets. Two judges will be speaking on a wireless microphone that is transmitted to the video camera. Videos with the judges commentary are then compressed into more versatile file sizes and put onto a custom USB flashdrive for the dance studios. This process is active for the duration of the event so the USB is ready by the end of the showdown finals and studios will leave with their video adjudications immediately in addition to one written checklist format adjudication completed by the third judge. This format of video adjudication is the most advanced adjudication system available. The system allows studios to leave with their adjudications immediately rather than waiting two weeks for DVD burning, it also allows files to be easily stored to be reviewed again in the future where as online storage of media files will eventually have to be removed. The judges on microphone will be using conversational adjudication (think figure skating commentary) to provide a comprehensive critique. Video adjudications are copyright protected and not for personal use. 

How is the judging panel selected?
The judges have a minimum of ten years of dance teaching experience in all disciplines including a strong foundation in ballet and tap. Preference is given to judges who also hold a bachelors degree in education, dance arts or movement sciences. Judges must be out-of-province or international for competitive events and out of the immediate area for festival format events.

What is the BCDR?
The BCDR is a Synergy Dance sponsored registry of dancers in British Columbia. It is mandatory for soloists who finish in the top ten to fill out a registry form before they may claim a cash award. The registry is private and confidential and stays within Synergy Dance Competition as a means of identifying dancers at various ages/levels serving to promote fairness and equality with respect to level placement. Cash awards are mailed to studios only after appropriate BCDR forms have been collected.

How do you qualify for the Synergy Showdown finals?
If your group (any age, any level) is the highest scoring or second highest scoring group in any particular discipline they are automatically granted a spot in the Synergy Showdown finals. There is up to five seats depending on the size of the discipline. Finalist qualifiers will be highlighted on the wall to notify performers if they have reached the finals, results are also posted on our Facebook group.

How come some disciplines have more entries in the showdown finals than others?
Each discipline will be represented fairly in the Showdown finals at competition events. The top 2-5 routines are invited back to perform for the “routine of the year” title. In fairness, disciplines with the largest number of entries have more spaces. For example, the Ballet division usually has 2 entries and the Jazz division usually has 5 because it is the largest division.

When will the photobooth be up?
We cannot give out all our secrets. The photobooth will appear and disappear at various times during our events. You’ll have to wait and see if it makes an appearance near you!

Do you ever run ahead of schedule?
Yes we do! Be sure to arrive at least 20 minutes ahead of schedule to make sure you do not miss your dancers performance. There are hundreds of costume changes to coordinate, we reserve the right to run up to twenty minutes ahead of schedule.

Do you ever run behind schedule?
We are known for running on time, however sometimes things come up and yes we can run behind schedule. The worst it has ever been was on a particular unlucky day when there was a fire evacuation. We were 45 minutes behind schedule but we managed to catch up by pushing forward and being efficient in our awards sessions and within a few hours we were back on time.

Do you accept independent entries?
No sorry, as of 2014 we no longer accept independent entries at any of our events, please register with your host studio. 

What is the video hall of fame?
The video library includes the performances of dance routines that scores a Diamond at any of our provincial wide events. Follow our YouTube channel to see our videos and look for routines on our website. A waiver is required from participating dance studios before videos will be added to our library. Without the form, videos will not be added. Choreographers are always credited in our videos.

What charities does Synergy Dance Competition support?
Synergy Dance actively supports BC Children’s Hospital and the local foodbank in the community.