Scoring Rubric

high silver
Score Spread: 81-83
Classification: Room for improvement in many areas
Explanation of Classification: There is room for improvement in all the areas of criteria based on judges expecations of age and level.

Score Spread: 84-87 
Classification: Beginning to show refinement 
Explanation of Classification: A routine with this score is at the early stages of refinement in many fundamental elements of dance performance. Characteristics listed under lines/spacing, physical abilities and performance qualities should continue to be developed. 

high Gold
Score Spread: 88-90 
Classification: Meeting expectations for age and level 
Explanation of Classification: Routines achieving a gold score are meeting the expectation for the respective age and level. Dancers can demonstrate basic dance technique and movement principles. The routine demonstrates development in all of the three areas of judging criteria.

Score Spread: 91-93
Classification: Exceeding the expectations for age and level
Explanation of Classification:These routines demonstrate excellence in group spacing, timing, flexibility, endurance, strength and power while producing unique choreography/costuming and make a solid lasting impression on the audience and judges. In addition to displaying all elements of Gold/High Gold medal routines dancers demonstrate a clear understanding of Comprehension (ie, routine motif, meaning and purpose). Evidence of ballet training is shown in most disciplines. These routines can easily be identified by the judges because they “stood out” from average routines. Routines in this score all demonstrate refined technique and solid overall performance in each of the key areas. Routines on the upper end are approaching “excellence” and would warrant being in the top 20% of the competition.

Score Spread: 94+
Classification: Demonstrated Excellence
Explanation of Classification: This is the highest rank and it is reserved for routines demonstrating excellence in all areas. Diamond scores are reserved for the routines the judges feel would be in or around the top 10% of the competition for respective age and level in that discipline. These routines are nearing perfection for age/level and are inclusive of routines judges would like to see again in the finals and/or soloists/duo/trios that they would recommend for overall awards.