Time Limits

Dancers are timed by the first movement. Timing ends when the last dancer exits the stage. Random timing is in effect. Routines over the time limit are subject to a ten point deduction and $50 over limit fee. The following time limits are in effect:

Size   # of Dancers   Time Limit
Solo    1   3 Minutes
Duo/Trio    2-3   3 Minutes
Small Group *   4-10   4 Minutes
Large Group   11-15   5 Minutes
Line   16+   5 Minutes
Studio Production   20+   20 minutes with set up/strike

**There is a $10 additional time charge for small groups that wish to increase
their time limit to 5 minutes without penalty. Small groups that are found
over the 4 minute time limit without purchasing the additional time will be
fined the over limit fee and will be disqualified from overall awards. 

Additional Time, Small Group: Request Form