General Guidelines

Day pass admission is “free” with a non-perishable food donation to the local food bank, or $5.00 per adult. Students and seniors are free. A minimum of one non-perishable donation per person is required. An entrance stamp/ticket can be purchased at the event and is valid for the entire day. Admission to the Synergy Showdown finals is $10.00 for all general admission seats; all seats are $10.00.

Family Content Policy
All numbers must have appropriate content for family viewing. The first offense of swearing or vulgar language will result in a warning; additional occurrences will result in disqualification. No disruptive behaviour will be tolerated; Synergy Dance reserves the rights to refuse admission.

Etiquette Policy
All parents, teachers and students will hold the art of dance in the highest regard. There will be no derogatory statements concerning another studio or fellow dancer at any time. People of all ages, sizes, race, gender and ability deserve the right to perform and experience the joy of dance. We hold a no negativity rule which is strictly enforced by event staff, anyone showing non-compliance to this rule will be asked to leave the event promptly. Compliance is also expected in behaviour towards theatre staff, technicians, judges and volunteers. Costume theft, vandalism or blatantly disrespecting the change rooms will result in immediate disqualification.

Dressing Room Policy
There will be no “claiming of an area” for private studio dressing rooms or warm up areas. The backstage dressing rooms are a public space where everyone is welcome. With the exception of a “Boys Only” dressing room, we do not assign dressing rooms. Due to the fluctuation of attendance by studios at any given time during the event, we feel assigning specific spaces would not accurately represent the population of dancers in attendance from that studio at every particular time during the event. As some change rooms are significantly larger than others reserving large change rooms for studios with less dancers present is not an effective system. Studios will need to make meeting arrangements to locate other dancers/teachers from their studios. Any studio, dancer or parent that abuses the dressing area will be disqualified and asked to leave the event.

“To the minute” final schedules will be emailed to your studio at least one month in advance of the event. It is easier on everybody; dancers, judges and spectators alike when an event runs in the exact call order of the program. Synergy Dance is known to run in order, because a draft schedule is also sent prior to the final schedule being posted. Be sure that dancers/parents have accurate information pertaining to final schedule call times as they will have changed from the draft schedule. Please review your “data check” draft schedule for any anticipated complications and report to the office as soon as possible. In the scheduling process Synergy Dance guarantees a minimum of five dances between performances. Please be ready to perform at least 1 hour prior to your performance time. Routines deliberately delaying performance will be disqualified. Routines must be prepared to perform when scheduled. Legitimate costume change issues will be accommodated. It is possible we may be Running Ahead of Schedule, due to many possible unexpected situations such as cancelled routines, etc, Synergy Dance reserves the right to run up to twenty minutes ahead of schedule. It is imperative that parents are aware so that they do not miss their respective performance.

Event Scheduling Design
Due to the number of dancers, scheduling requests will be noted but cannot be guaranteed. We cannot predict when each dancer will be performing until the schedule has been created. When creating the schedule we make every attempt to finish a discipline at the end of the day so that we may announce the Showdown qualifiers immediately. Each event varies due to the number of registrations received; therefore we must mix the order of which discipline we schedule on which day. 

Permission to Publish
Upon entering a Synergy Dance event all participants give their permission for Synergy Dance and/or their affiliate service providers, permission for any photograph or video taken of any dancer(s) to be used for promotional purposes without compensation. This includes but is not limited to; newspaper, brochures, ads, television, sales videos, internet and social media including Facebook®, You Tube®, Twitter®, newsletters and any other. “Diamond Dancers” and winning high score routines may be released on the Synergy Dance You Tube® Channel which is open for public viewing and linked to our Twitter® and Facebook® accounts.

Photography and Video
No photo or video is permitted in the theatre, professional services will be provided unless otherwise stated at the event. In exceptional circumstances where Synergy Dance is unable to provide professional photo/video services at a particular event, a photography pass with studio code system will be in effect. A photography pass will be issued to parties through an application process. Synergy Dance reserves the right to take away or refuse a photography pass at the discretion of the competition director. Misuse of the pass such as taking photography/video of a studio other than the one listed on their pass will result in immediate pass suspension and possible disqualification. No flash photography is permitted at anytime.

Alteration of Stage Conditions
Substances that alter the condition of the stage (ie, lose feathers, water, glass props) are not permitted in any categories.