Safety and Security

The safety and security of our dancers is our biggest priority. Recent tragedy in North American schools has highlighted the need for security measures at our school based events. The Synergy crew has security measures and identification policies in place, our emergency evacuation plans have been developed to ensure the safest and most efficient evacuation time of all of our dancers, teachers and audience members. We have adopted safety and security measures unmatched by other dance competition events.

1) Backstage Passes: All teachers, choreographers and assistants must pre-register and sign-in with the Synergy administration team through a barcoded scan system. A backstage pass with name tag will be issued. This name tag serves as an identity card to help us quickly identify people in authoritative positions should an emergency evacuation be required.

2) Dancer Sign-in: An alphabetical listing of every dancer attending our event is listed on an assigned clipboard which is separated by studio and arranged so that dancers will sign in each day at our events. In the unlikelihood of an emergency evacuation all dancers and spectators are to promptly leave the theatre and surrounding areas and meet in the centre of the parking lot for roll call. Synergy personnel will give each studio their appropriate studio clipboard for roll call. After a head count has been completed the Synergy team will advise studios when the fire department has cleared access to re-enter the building.

3) Studio Greeters & Front end Security: Synergy Dance will have a studio greeter to help patrons that may need assistance, while also screening for any suspicious behaviour of unwanted guests. The front end security for Synergy dance remains on intercom system with immediate access to emergency and 911 call centers if needed.

4) Emergency Evacuation Procedures: In collaboration with the theatre venues, the Synergy Dance team has a predetermined emergency evacuation plan and all building exits are clearly marked. Dancers are to meet in the center of the parking lot for roll call in the event of an emergency evacuation.



 Crew with dancer 'roll call' clipboards after a false fire alarm evacuation at the MJ FOX theatre in 2013.